Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Best Batch of Coming Distractions Yet This Year.... Seriously

Here's what we'll have for you on Tuesday, March 10th:

MILK- (Rotten Tomatoes 93%!!)you know you've been waiting for it... wait no more!

Synecdoche New York- you know, that one about the guy building a scale model of New York City in a giant warehouse...

Rachel Getting Married- (Rotten Tomatoes 87%!!) I am so glad that Anne Hathaway is taking on more adult roles, she's so great.

Let the Right One In-(Rotten Tomatoes 97%!!) Ok, so this movie... was amazing. It was such a good story, and these kids are well on their way to becoming some prolific actors. You really just need to say yes to this movie. Also, they really kept the violence to a necessary minimum. So, it has that going for it too.

Cadillac Records- I just always like Adrien Brody in whatever he does, so...
Battle in Seattle- with a cast like that, who needs a synopsis?

On the TV...
South Park Season 12- I know, TWELVE!! And they're still funny.

And for the kids, those who have yet to see it, we have Disney's 70th Anniversary Edition of

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