Monday, June 30, 2008

Katie recommends...

Hi guys, these are the movies that I have really liked lately. My tastes range all over the board, from kids to horror, from romance to thriller, and there are a few from each category here.

Katie recommends:
Eastern Promises
This movie was great in so many ways. It was a well-written story line that was very well acted. It was intense and engrossing, and just a little bit violent.
There Will Be Blood
This one was definitely not for everyone. It is long, and the story line is slow. Neither of those factors is negative for me, personally. Daniel Day Lewis was amazing as always, and the direction was fantastic. Paul Danyow really blossomed in his role, and you can tell that he was having a lot of fun. Again, a bit of violence in this one.
The Savages
I don't think that the previews for this movie did it any justice. It is not the comedy that they would have you believe. It is intense, and touching at times. If you have ever dealt with a family member with dementia, there are some scenes in here that will definitely hit home for you. I like to describe this movie as an excellent case study in family psychology. While I haven't heard any opinions from the professionals on that, I feel that way because Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney do an amazing job of giving their characters complexity and dimension. This is a simple story, made great by the actors and director.
Lars and the Real Girl
Again, the previews had me thinking that this was another stupid comedy. That is so far from the truth. Lars and the Real Girl is a heartwarming story about loss and grievance, about family and love, and about the power of community. This movie highlights exactly what it is about small town life that makes me proud I'm not a city dweller.
No Country for Old Men
This movie was incredibly violent. Just to warn you. That said, I really liked it. I can't really tell you why, perhaps just the combination of the acting and direction. But if you don't mind a lot of violence, this was a good one. Did I mention it won best picture?
Halloween (Rob Zombie)
This was also incredibly violent. I felt that Rob Zombie gave the character of Michael Meyers a lot more background and a lot more depth. Before, he was really just a killing machine, now he is a killing machine with a haunted past and severe mental problems. It got poor reviews, but I feel like horror movies really have to be far more exceptional than other genres to sway the critics. I'm a fan of horror, and this one was worth seeing if you are as well.
This was really sweet. I was a bit worried at first that it would be too cheesy, but the songs were great, and the story was just really fun and sweet, and romantic.
Death at a Funeral
I found this to be just hilarious. There were a few cheap jokes, but the story line and all the jokes were really well timed, and only a bit predictable. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.
Some people found this one to be a bit too... something. I thought it was great. It was a sweet story, and the performances were, for the most part, stellar. Further, I think it addresses a very real concern of our times. Whether you agree with how it addressed that concern is up to you, but I enjoyed it.
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
This was a stupid comedy with a killer soundtrack. There were a few scenes that I thought were reaching for jokes, but overall, it was enjoyable.
In Bruges
This was not the comedy I was led to believe it would be. It took a dark turn, but kept a few well-placed pieces of humor. It was pretty intense, and I really enjoyed it.
Charlie Bartlett
This was not the most amazing spectacular teen comedy I ever saw. Or was it??? This was a really cute, if not altogether realistic, portrayal of a young man trying to find his place among his peers. And once again, excellent performances all around.

Hope you found these helpful. ~Katie

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